Hello EC&I 831 (and whoever else is interested)

So, I guess this would be my home page with a welcome and introduction.  Welcome.  As was stated in my info, I’m still not too sure about this whole blogging thing (although I do like the idea of getting all my educational bitches off my chest).  Frankly, I think my husband is tired of hearing it and I never was a ‘diary’ type.  So I may as well bite the bullet and tell the whole world.

So here’s my general issue with blogging, and twitter for that matter.  I never really felt that anyone would be that interested in hearing the idiosyncrasies of my life.  In our first eci831 session, the whole idea of ‘paying it forward’ and digital sharing was mentioned.  Although this does seem altruistic (and a possibility), I have never approached it from that point of view.  It seems rather self-centered to let people know what you’re thinking and where you are at all times.  Do others really care that much?  I generally don’t.

Okay fellow eci831ers, respond away.

NB – I made a link!



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2 responses to “Hello EC&I 831 (and whoever else is interested)

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  2. Jess Mc

    The strongest connections that we make with people are often over the smaller things in life. The fact that two people can laugh together about both mistaking the lyrics in the same song, or posting about a walk with a dog might give someone else who has had a similar experience a reason to connect – by saying, hey that happened to me too! It can often seem that we have nothing to say and that noone would be interested. And you won’t always get a comment but you do always have your own voice and that is what will lead you on to some powerful connections. Especially seeing as you are learning all this stuff at the same as your classmates. They will value reading what you have to say – it will validate what they are doing. Don’t ever doubt that! 🙂 Enjoy the course and welcome to the world of blogging.

    I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I’ve even written a poem about it believe it or not! It’s here: http://www.technolote.com/?p=854 and there are some questions to ask yourself when writing a blog post here: http://www.technolote.com/?p=866 I hope that helps!

    Jess Mc (Melbourne, Australia)

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